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Corobrik presents its product qualities of Geolok and Terraforce Concrete Retaining Blocks

Corobrik’s careful analysis of the KwaZulu-Natal building industry identified the need to make a contribution towards the design and installation of the concrete retaining block market.
In considering the technical and design elements that could be enhanced, Chris Mungle of Corobrik immediately turned to Damon Clark, of Damon Clark & Associates to assist. Clark is a geotechnical engineer who has undertaken extensive research on concrete retaining blocks and systems over the years.

Corobrik’s range of concrete retaining blocks, both the Terraforce and Geolok products are SANS 508:2012 accredited. SANS 508:2012 makes reference of appearance, dimensions, squareness and compressive strength of the unit.

In addition to this, under the guidance of Damon Clark, the Geolok product has undergone further tests which include NIB sheer test and back/front line crushing tests to determine the overall structural integrity of the product.

This data was then used to create a user-friendly software design programme to assist in building retaining walls. The Geolok Design Programme which is freely available on the Corobrik website www.corobrik.co.za making the product and its applications much more accessible to those in the construction industry.

A recent presentation was made to consulting engineers and installers which outlined the features and applications of Corobrik’s Terraforce and Geolok blocks, which have been manufactured to meet the retaining block demand.

Chris Mungle, Sales Manager eThekwini at Corobrik, addressed the attendees on the background of the concrete retaining block both of which are manufactured at Corobrik’s Avoca factory in KwaZulu-Natal.

The Terraforce system offers a large degree of versatility and can be easily formed into curved shapes either convex or concave or into walls in which the upper and lower profiles are continuously changing. It is also laid in a closed face application which prevents backfill spillage, therefore geofabrics are seldom required. The Terraforce system is easy to install and is very popular in the residential market.

The Geolok system is construction with an open face application which requires less blocks per m2, therefore is more cost effective than a closed face application. A visible mechanical interlock in the form of a nib provides a high degree of sheer resistance and restricts the wall to a maximum angle of inclination of 70 degrees. The product has a proven track record, is cost competitive and is very popular for commercial and industrial projects.

Clark then addressed the attendees on the technical elements of the overall design and application of the concrete retaining block systems which he developed.

“The presentation was very well received,” concluded Mungle. “We were able to communicate the various technical attributes of the Terraforce and Geolok designs, as well as application opportunities. We have also opened the door for further technical assistance on the products via our website or through Corobrik staff.”

Caption: Pictured at the presentation are from left: Chris Mungle, Damon Clark, Des Kisten Centre manager Avoca, & Sadeck Rahim, Centre Manager Mobeni


Three block types – 4×4 (suitable for stairs and stadium seating), L22 block (typically for walls up to 1.8 metres high) L13 block (walls exceeding 2 metres high)
Laid in closed-face application.
Interlocks on a horizontal plane in the form of a convex, concave shape of the product.
SANS 508:2012 accredited.


Two block types – Geolok 300 (typically for walls up to 2 metres high) and Geolok 400 (walls exceeding 2 metres high).
Open-face application
Visible mechanical interlock in form of a nib
SANS 508:2012 accredited with additional sheer nib resistance and back/ front line loading crushing tests.

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