Summer rain will assist garden projects

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Summer rain will assist garden projects

A LOCAL NPO believes the summer rains will provide relief to drought-stricken KwaZulu-Natal.

This year the provincial government received R352 million to tackle water shortages after discovering that dam levels were very low and water reservoirs were running dry.

Chairperson of Youth in Agriculture Rural Development and chairperson of Isisekelo Youth Development, Mzwandile Goge, said it is important to save water.

“People must understand the importance of reusing water. We don’t control the rain, but we can control how we use water,” he said.

Goge said rain will also help school and community garden projects in the Eastwood area because the Baynespruit River, is polluted.

“We tried to install an irrigation system from the river, but were discouraged to do so because the river is polluted,” said Lwazi Nsele, Isisekelo Youth Development secretary.

Goge and Nsele are fostering relationships with Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea in order to spread and gain knowledge and information on how to effectively sustain the environment.

“We need to make agriculture part of our lives. Agriculture is the back bone of a country’s economy. We support farmers who need training, maintenance and landscaping services. The issue of water is a global problem. If, as a collective, we do not sort it out, what I am predicting is that we will end up fighting over clean water. It is a serious issue that needs serious mechanisms. We need more involvement from the private sector,” said Nsele

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