What’s flowering in November?

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Asclepias woodii is a vulnerable perennial herb, stem solitary, upright, up to 650 mm tall, often compressed, covered with scales or hairy scales. It is found only in KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, mainly centred in Howick.
It grows in unburnt grassland and is threatened by habitat loss due to alien invasion, too frequent fires, livestock overgrazing and forest plantations.
Leaves are usually in four pairs, growing upwards or almost upright, without or with short leaf stalk. Flowers four to 12, dark purple below from November to January. Corolla-lobes reflexed, spreading, egg-shaped, and pale green.
Corona-lobes yellow, arising from the staminal column and equalling or slightly exceeding it, ending abruptly, rounded at the top and on the back.

If you have seen this plant, please contact Mbali Mkhize, Crew programme – KZN Node Project Assistant

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