Modular Site Furnishings Provide Solution for Rapid Landscape Architecture

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All-In-Square urban elements, manufactured by the Spanish Company Urban Square are a design concept put forth by In-Tenta. In-Tenta submitted the concept for an urban elements design contest organized by Urban Square and O-Cults. This concept by In-Tenta integrates the latest technology with ecologically sound design of site furniture package comprised of four elements that can be fabricated and placed on site in a plaza or park.

A unique paving pattern is also available and serves to unite the modular elements. The package also includes a microarchitecture structure designed to specifically match the rest of the site furnishings package and provide additional useable space.

Furniture Elements:

– Backless Bench – The backless bench is made of granite to match the materials and style of the geometric granite pavement. The backless bench can be combined with lighting elements and the cocoon seat to provide a linear seating option.

– Cocoon Seat – When combined with the backless bench, the seating elements provide a variety of seating options for visitors to lounge or sit. A perforated metal structure matching the covering on the micro-architecture elements provides light shade and shelter for users of the granite benches.

– Site Lighting – Triangular lighting elements can be integrated directly into benches and the paving so they are flush with the granite surfaces. The lighting element creates a soft light and when integrated throughout the site, can effectively light a public plaza.

– Bike Rack – A bike stand made in metal plate can be used as a fast temporary parking solution for bikes.


The four site elements are coupled with a piece of microarchitecture comprised of a square structure with a perforated metal cover. The microarchitecture structure can be programmed to serve a variety of needs including an information kiosk or public restrooms. The architecture is designed with the same geometric language as the site furniture.


The primary materials used in all of the furniture elements are granite and sheet metal, which can be perforated with a customized shape or a company logo to create a unique and original theme. The granite trapezoids are repeated in 2-D and 3-D forms to create repetition and a unified overall design.

Fabrication and Site Location:

Each microarchitecture element is fabricated in a warehouse and brought to the site already assembled where the elements can then be combined and arranged in multiple ways to create unique configurations. Also, buyers can specify multiple quantities of each element so that the elements can be grouped on site to meet unique site conditions and needs. A trapezoidal-shaped paving pattern reiterates the geometric motif and creates a unified design palette for a public space.


Urban furniture elements of the All-In-Square line meet the needs of users by providing a moment of rest coupled with a wireless connection, which comes from the information kiosk microarchitecture structure that broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal. Designers find that visitors will come to a park to recharge and reconnect and by providing places to rest and relax as well as utilize the service of free public Wi-Fi.

This is one of many reasons why All-In-Square is a line of products meeting needs of visitors across the board. Optional solar panels can provide users with electricity to charge their devices or serve the power needs of the microarchitecture structure.

A Multi-Functional, Multi-Adaptable Site

The All-In-Square site elements designed by In-Tenta and manufactured by Urban Square provide designers with an entire suite of furnishings. For use in public landscapes, the site elements and microarchitecture structure integrates technology to provide wireless access. The prefabricated structures and site elements are delivered to the site for installation and use. Designers have the option to integrate lighting elements as well as combine and configure site elements in various ways.

Rapid Landscape Architecture for Plaza, Parks and Urban Landscapes

This suite of site furnishings meets the basic needs of site users including providing them with a place to rest, relax, store a bike, and connect to the internet. The prefabricated nature of these site furnishings coupled with the granite external floor covering provides a solution for rapid design and implementation for plazas, parks, and urban landscapes of many scales and sizes.

What other site furnishings could be designed in a similar material palette and design language to expand this All-In-Square site elements ‘kit of parts’ package? How can the prefab site elements be utilized in unique configurations and settings to create different site experiences?

Full Project Credits For All-In-Square

Project: All-In-Square
Type: Site Furnishings
Design: In-Tenta design + daniela seminara
Materials: Sheet metal and granite
Contest organizers: URBAN SQUARE + O-cults
O-cults, brand design network
URBAN SQUARE, manufacturer
Pictures: © estudibasic
Year: 2012

In-Tenta design, led by the designers Manel Duró and Marta Gordillo, is a Barcelona-based design studio focused on innovative sustainable functional design, who develops a wide range of products, from small handmade pieces locally produced to microarchitectures

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