Are you with me?

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

I am excited by the work we do and believe that in collaboration with landscape architects and other design professionals, all of us in the playground industry can elevate awareness and promote greater investment in parks that create great memories and meaning for children of all ages . We can make a real difference in the urban landscape, and in our future.

Studies show that people are healthier and happier, and can enjoy longer lives, in areas where they have access to nature, playgrounds and urban spaces. Outdoor spaces are some of the least expensive to create and can pay some of the highest returns on investment—in terms of community life, health and wellness and benefit the economy in surrounding areas. As more people—from young professionals to retirees—move back into cities, playgrounds and public spaces are often cited as key factors for attracting new residents and businesses.

This is also a time when our industry can play a constructive role. Those of us who provide play equipment that help shape and activate these spaces need to do our part, and I’m excited about taking on that challenge, researching ways to show the return on investment for well-designed innovative playgrounds I am focused on driving innovation with new types of scalable solutions that go beyond the standard playgrounds in order to help people enjoy great outdoor experiences. The outdoors starts only a half-inch outside the door, so we need new ideas for spaces adjacent to buildings..

I look forward to creating great playgrounds that will energize, challenge and delight kids for years to come

Are you with me?


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