Top 10 Online Resources for Landscape Architecture

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Parks, squares, waterfronts, gardens, water features, art, creative and natural playgrounds, industrial, installations, residential parks, private gardens, restorations and many more directories for landscape architecture can be found  in this selection. The latest news,  best practices from professionals and students all around the world are available on the internet. This is the quickest way to find them now. But be careful and try not to overdo it. It is addictive! With this warning, here are the best online resources for landscape architecture.

10. Pinterest

Online Resources for Landscape Architecture | Pinterest

It is a huge resource of outstanding landscape architecture pictures. It can help you  browse for inspirational ideas, impressive designs of all kinds, parks, gardens, details and plants.

9. GAP photos, Garden and Plants

Online Resources for Landscape Architecture | GAP

Similar to Pinterest, Gap photos supplies more than 300 000 pictures of garden design and horticultural projects quickly and easily. Keywords  suggest  the main plants that are used in the specific garden you are looking at. Great help for quick and fruitful research for the garden.

8. Land8

Besides the great amount of projects, photos and videos, this is a website where you can also participate and enrich it with a project, opinion, or enlarge your awareness for the field of work through the blog. I have recently peered in a discussion about job interviews.

7. Landscape + urbanism

For projects taking a broader view, zooming out from the scale of the private garden and landing on the scale of the city. For those who want more than inspiration, but are eager to go  deeper into a certain topic, this is the right place. Here theory and practise come together. Besides the rich directory of the blog, it can redirect you to  numerous other websites in different languages  according to the topic that you are interested in.

6. Playscapes

Online Resources for Landscape Architecture | Playscapes

An essential part of landscape design, each of us dreams for a place  to find a great variety of playgrounds. This is not appropriate for those of you looking for standardized playgrounds. Here can be found creative playscapes from artist and designers with great awareness of what a good quality  children’s playground should be.

5. Landezine

Visually beautiful website with excellent organization promoting landscape architecture. It is well supplied with photos and good quantity of information for the projects.

4. Landscape Architecture Magazine 

The monthly magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architecture has a history since 1910. It is a valuable piece in your online library.

3. World landscape architecture

It will keep you up to date with the latest projects, competitions and news around the world.

2. Landscape Institute

Online Resources for Landscape Architecture | LI

The UK based equivalent of ASLA is a priceless resource for landscape architecture related topics, projects, jobs, news and guidelines.


ASLA promotes the highest level of care and design about landscape architecture. It’s a great place for information about everything related to the topic. From how to start your journey as a landscape architect, the best ways to continue it and online learning, to data about important conferences, competitions for professionals and students and latest news in the field.

From private gardens to large scale public realms, this list of the best resources will keep you well informed, up-to-date, interested and more passionate about landscape architecture. You will encounter the numerous ways the profession can inspire you, increase  awareness of the importance of landscape architecture to you and to the wider society as well.


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