How to divide Agapanthus

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Agapanthus are versatile plants that are at their prime in summer. They can be planted en masse, as an edging to a path, as bold eye-catchers in the border or in containers. They need minimal attention and, as they like to be crowded, they can be left to their own devices for years; they’ll happily multiply into clumps of individual plants. However when these clumps become too large, they begin to dominate the garden and start flowering less, so it’s a good idea to rejuvenate them by lifting and splitting them up. As an added bonus you’ll get additional plants to plant elsewhere.


  • Evergreen varieties: In spring and early summer as new growth emerges, or in early autumn, about March/April, after the plants have finished flowering. Divide them every 4–5 years or when they become too large and under productive.
  • Deciduous varieties: In spring and early summer as new growth emerges in cooler areas or once the leaves have died back in late autumn. Only divide them every 6–8 years.


  • A spade (the sharper the blade the better)
  • Two large garden forks
  • A groundsheet to protect your lawn, if necessary
  • A large, strong knife or saw for tackling tightly knitted, woody clumps

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