Pressed peat makes for ideal building blocks

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The natural ability of dried peat makes these bioblocks ideal for regulating the interior climates of spaces.

Peat is a natural accumulation of organic matter and is found in environments like bogs or mires. This organic matter, which is 100 per cent sustainable, recyclable and natural, has been successfully incorporated into the Netherlands local construction industry. The National Park Weerribben and Wieden are excavating peat from their mires to produce the all-natural and sustainable building blocks known as Bioblocks.

The peat is machine-pressed into functional and industry size building blocks, which are then laid out in open air-drying racks to dry. The advantage of this curing method is its low carbon footprint, as it uses zero electricity or combustion fuels to bake the bricks.

The BioBlocks are used in a variety of construction techniques. They are also used to fill gabions. Gabions are wire casings used in municipal infrastructure construction and landscape architecture, which includes earth-retaining structures, noise barriers, slope protection construction.

The air-dried Bioblocks display excellent interior climate control properties and according to, the use of BioBlocks in the residential construction sector is currently being researched.


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