No design is too big, no design is too small

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

I have spoken with many contractors lately about the benefits of outsourcing landscape design. Many of them agreed with the benefits of using this process but there was something I kept hearing over and over….. ” A lot of my jobs are quite small and I would not want to bother you to design a small project”. I also heard “I do not think it would be cost effective to outsource designs for small projects”.

I completely understand why they might think this. The thing a lot contractors underestimated is how cost effective this service can be. The design fee – for the project above – was only 1-2% of the projects total price and it was completed and back to the contractor within (2) days. As most contractors know, if a homeowner receives a professional design and quote within a short period of time, the homeowner will more than likely proceed with that contractor for the project (even if they are not the lowest price). The problem for contractors is that time is in very short supply during the season and it takes a lot of work to run a company. They find themselves in situations where they miss out on many projects because it took too long to get something to the homeowner. In that situation, the effort put out to create a design was done in vain because the contractor ultimately lost the project before they ever got a chance to send anything.

If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to contact us at Jesse Savage Landscape Design. Let us help increase your revenue so you can focus on running your business and making more profit. Remember, No design is too big and no design is too small.

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