ILASA Student Competition Submission Dates

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Student competition

Deadline: 12 August 2016


Design brief


The aim of the competition is to encourage the re-interpretation of the Landscape by a designer. The design should be of an actual site, identified by the designer that optimizes the social and environmental responsibility and contribution that the selected landscape provides.

The design should be innovative and very specific to the chosen site and be presented in a manner which best communicates the design ideas.



ILASA welcomes participants who are registered students and or young professionals that work in a design field. Young professionals are only allowed up to two years after the date of their graduation. Entries need to be submitted by individuals. No group work is allowed.



All entries will be evaluated according to the design brief:


Design must be:


Innovative, appropriate and relevant while contributing to the landscape in terms of preferably all four but at least one selected sub-theme of the conference:

1.                  Landscape as provider: employing a broader palette of landscape interpretation, and re-discovering landscape value, to inform design for a reciprocal exchange of resources, e.g. fresh water; food security; energy fields.

2.                  Landscape as cultural system: incorporating overlooked cultural and social values and recent understandings/design approaches to increase the social and cultural relevance of landscapes, e.g. psychological/ spiritual enrichment; cognitive development/ education; or community cohesion.

3.                  Landscape as transformer: applying re-discovered and innovative technologies/design approaches to regenerate both ecological and cultural systems as multifunctional green infrastructure, e.g. microclimate control; storm/ flood water regulation; or pollution control/ recycling and rejuvenation.

4.                  Landscape as life-support: innovative design with emphasis on the regeneration of lost or degraded ecological functions and values, e.g. habitat creation; biodiversity protection/ enhancement or natural systems.

Note that each contribution should be verbally and graphically indicated and explained as part of the design entry.



Participants must compile 3 x A1 sheets showing the following:

1.       Concept and background (images reflecting the actual site and concept idea)

2.       Renderings of the envisaged design ideas: sketches, plan, section, 3D etc

3.       Important aspects and processes of the design should be technically explained through a series of annotated sketches etc.

The submission are anonymous and the applicant’s name should not appear in the A1 poster/s. Use your name and surname as the file name and number from 1 – 3.



The completed submission form can be completed here.

3 X A1 sheets (maximum 3MB per sheet PDF approximately 250 dpi) must be emailed to before or on12 August 2016.




1.       Designs must be original and may not have been entered into any other competitions and or published before

2.       Entrants retain copyright of their entries

3.       ILASA reserves the right to use selected entries in an exhibition at the 2016 ILASA conference and on our webpage.

4.       ILASA and VdW do not accept liability for corrupt files

5.       Prizes are subject to sponsorship and therefore not guaranteed

6.       The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into after the final selection

7.       ILASA reserves the right not to allocate any prize should the entries not fulfil the requirements



22 March 2016                                     Competition opens to entries

12 August 2016                                    Closing date for entries

End of August                                       Judging panel to select finalists

29 September                                       Winners announced at 2016 ILASA Conference, CSIR Pretoria



First prize R10 000

Second price R7 000

People’s choice award R5 000


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