5 Garden ideas for you to do this spring

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A lot of people who love gardening are always tinkering in the backyard, working to create and improve their garden in any way, shape or form possible. A garden is never really finished however, there are times when you can struggle to find inspiration and motivation to get into the garden and develop new ideas or solutions for your garden.

Whilst it’s important to create a garden you love spending time in, it is also important to create flower beds and herb gardens that work best for your particular home and lifestyle. This article is filled with ideas and inspiration for the at-home gardener. It will inspire you to come up with solutions for your gardening problems and think of ways you can improve your garden today!

Charming Garden Storage Solutions

If you are storing all of your gardening tools inside they are probably taking up too much space. Either you don’t have enough space or there is no good way to store your equipment properly. There are ways to face your gardening issues head on, especially when it comes to storing your gardening equipment outdoors. Which storage solution is right for you? A customizable one of course!

A garden shed is the optimum way to store your large or small equipment as well as being able to customize it to your own personal needs. Garden sheds are an affordable way to store anything as small as a hand shovel to larger lawn items. They can also be utilized as a great little work space!

Potting Plants


A great way to enjoy your plants without the added hassle of weeding is to pot them! They are less labour intensive than having to tend to a whole yard. There are really no restrictions when it comes to potting plants, so you can let your creative side take over! As long as the dirt remains in place and the water has the ability to drain out, you are able to use it for potting plants.

However, it is important to remember that above ground gardens get thirstier because they are not in the earth. Ensure you are giving them a regular soaking so they have the best chance at blooming.

Creating a Grand Entrance

Planning a grand entrance for your garden is a great way to welcome visitors in the most glorious way. People remember gardens that have a defining entrance that make a big statement and welcome visitors. Having two large shrubs that stand either side of the garden path make a big impact and really make people curious as to what could be inside.


Grow Fragrant Herbs

Everyone loves a beautiful smelling garden and aside from roses and other fragrant flowers, herbs are the best way to create a beautiful smelling garden. Planting herbs in pots, containers or window boxes is a great way to ensure they can be placed wherever you want in the future. You can place them by your kitchen door or window for easy access when cooking. Or by the BBQ and patio so you can easily snip them off and chuck them into a delicious salad or soup. They look, taste and smell great!


Incorporate Curves

Incorporating curves within your garden means your eyes won’t get bored. If you want intriguing aspects in your garden, you have to keep people guessing. Whether it is the path leading from the sidewalk to your front door or the path through your backyard. A curved path will keep people guessing about what could be up ahead.


Incorporate Different Heights

Similar to creating curves throughout your garden, you also want to create different heights. Giving your landscape different heights will create lift and something for your eyes to bounce off of. Creating different heights and levels will entice people to lift the eye up off the ground and add an element of mystery and surprise.

Getting ideas out of your head and into your garden will only inspire you further to create the garden of your dreams. It is important to regularly spend time outdoors in the fresh air. That’s why you should create an outdoor space that you love spending time in.


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