A landscapers delight… the Avant 200 series Compact Loader

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Avant 200 Series – Compact Loader


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  • Articulated loader – perfect for gardening and ground care.
  • Easy to drive and safe to use.
  • Most advantageous articulated Avant loader.
  • Hydraulic system for professional use.
  • Safety canopy and roof as a standard.
AVANT has created a long awaited new type of machine –
a machine that, up to now, has been missing from the market.
By using modern, advanced hydraulics AVANT has developed a compact,
efficient and affordable four wheel drive machine that has a lot of user friendly power for both driving and working with attachments.

Technical Features:

Continuous four wheel drive
The continuous four wheel drive of the AVANT guarantees a superior pushing force.

AVANT is equipped with a smooth, stepless hydrostatic transmission.

The hydrostatic veriable displacement drive pump is pilot operated, as in bigger wheel loaders.

Powerful auxiliary hydraulics
The auxiliary hydraulics of the AVANT is exceptionally powerful compared to the size of the machine.

Hydraulic oil cooler is also a standard feature.

All controls are ideally positioned in the AVANT cab. There is lots of legroom even for trailer operators. Visibility to attachments is excellent. Safety frame with transparent polycarbonate canopy is standard, giving excellent cover and protection.

Operation Features:

Easy to drive
Drive speed is controlled with two pedals; one for driving forward and one for driving backwards.

The pedals also work like stepless gears; the more the pedal is pushed the faster you go.

When you lift your foot off the pedal the machine stops and will not move unless the pedal is pressed again.

Driving couldn’t be easier.

Lift is controlled with a joystick. Self levelling system makes lifting and lowering of the bucket very easy.

Auxiliary Hydraulics are controlled with a pedal in the foorwell.

Unrestricted 360 degrees visibility, easy-to-use logical controls,

self levelling lift arm and standard extra counterweights in the rear are important built-in safety features on AVANT. Safety frame and canopy. Safety frame and canopy provide more safety and also protection against bad weather.

Avant 200 Specs

  • The smallest 200 series
  • 20hp Kohler carburettor engine
  • 29 l/min auxiliary hydraulics flow
  • Lifting power 350kg
  • Lifting height 145cm
  • Operating weight 690kg
  • The true multi-task machine
  • Strong & Reliable 20hp engine
  • Perfect for:-
    • Home owners
    • Summer cabins
    • Light duty professional work

  • The new more powerful option
  • 25hp Kohler EFI engine
  • 50 l/min auxiliary hydraulics flow
  • Lifting power 350kg
  • Lifting height 145cm
  • Operating weight 710kg
  • Heavy duty air filter
  • The power horse
  • 50 l/min hydraulic flow for tools
    • Runs a 1500mm lawn mower
    • Perfect for snow blowing
  • Very powerful low rpm
  • Perfect for:-
    • Home owners
    • Church yards & cemeteries
    • Property maintenance

  • Includes a cab for driver
  • 25hp Kohler EFI engine
  • 50 l/min auxiliary hydraulics flow
    • Runs a 1500mm lawn mower
    • Perfect for snow blowing
  • Lifting power 350kg
  • Lifting height 755cm
  • Operating weight 750kg
  • All year round machine for professionals
  • Partially enclosed cab as standard
  • Road traffic kit as option
  • Perfect for property maintenance:-
    • Snow removal
    • Lawn mowing
    • Sweeping and leaf collecting

  • 24hp Kohler EFI engine
  • Runs with Liquid Propane Gas
  • Lifting power 350kg
  • Lifting height 145cm
  • Low emission engine
  • Lightweight machine we suited for indoor work
  • Perfect for:-
    • Demolition
    • Building contractors
    • Horse stables

The new AVANT has been especially designed with the following customer groups in mind:

  • Modern active people
  • Expert, recreational gardeners
  • Landscaping and groundcare professionals

We are proud to say the new AVANT is:

  • More than a quad bike
  • More than a compact tractor
  • More than a ride on mower

Avant instead of Quad Bike
AVANT can master all the jobs that a quad bike can perform.

Powerful pulling force and four wheel drive means that you can tow big loads with the AVANT.

Thanks to the lift arm it also has excellent loading capabilities – be it earth moving, snow removal or any similar job.

Powerful auxiliary hydraulics enable an extensive range of attachments, making AVANT excel in efficiency and variety.

AVANT is the all round multi-task machine for yards, gardens, parks, summer houses and other green areas.

It does the winter maintenance jobs like snow removal, salt and sand spreading etc. effortlessly –

leaving you time to relax and admire your handwork!

AVANT makes building and maintenance of yards a delight.

It is the perfect machine for preparation and maintenance of gardens, lawns and vegetable gardens.

When you have AVANT in your yard, you have a hobby that makes sense. AVANT is the real stress buster!

Avant instead of a Compact Tractor
The articulated AVANT with pivot steering is much more nimble and versatile than a compact tractor.

With AVANT you can easily do different property maintenance jobs even in tight situations – all year round.

Four wheel drive,

strong lift arm and powerful hydraulics sustain an extensive range of attachments and make the AVANT

a superior property maintenance machine.

Snow removal, sand and salt spreading and other winter maintenance tasks are fast and easy with the AVANT.

In summer you can do yard sweeping and park and garden maintenance with the same machine.

AVANT can also be equipped with headlights, beacon, blinkers and reflectors –

this allows conditional road registration in many countries, depending on the regulations.

AVANT is the perfect all-year-round multi task machine for private houses and smaller estates.

On larger estates it is a great aide and time and money saver.

Many councils and local authorities already have an AVANT 200 Series machine working in their parks and yards,

doing property maintenance jobs.

AVANT is the all year round property maintenance machine!

Avant instead of a ride on a Mower and Wheelbarrow
A ride on mower is a great tool, but landscaping and groundcare require much more.

They call for a real all-round multi function machine.

With AVANT and its quality attachments you can quickly make new lawns and garden beds,

plant trees and bushes and even dig fountains.

Forecourt maintenance and preparation works for paving are also easy and fast with the 200 Series.

With the same machine you can transport and level sand and topsoil efficiently –

accessing in places where other machines cannot go.

The lightweight and compact AVANT is easy to transport from one site to another on a trailer,

inside a van or on the back of a trailer.

And, of course, with AVANT you can also do that lawn mowing and sweeping of yards and parks –

as efficiently as with the best ride on mowers.


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