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Welcome to the wonders of Igneous Concrete.


15 Alice Lane : Annex Building 

The prestigious building gleams proudly and distinctly with its glass facades and unique design, next to the well-known Alice Lane towers, which are home to Norton Rose. The external style and design of the building and its façade incorporate geometric and linear type sections that, from the external view, seem as if they are joined only by a series of columns. These linear and geometric shapes and design elements are carried through to the internal areas of the building as well.

When walking up the stairs and towards the main entrance, the landscaping elements further mimic the architecture through geometric and triangulated shaped islands of grass and planted beds. Amongst this landscaping, are a few of Igneous Concrete’s twenty supplied Rectangular Benches. The clean simplified lines of the Rectangular Bench compliment the architecture and landscaping, as does the neutral tone of the “Powder Grey” shade chosen from our standard colour range.

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When glancing down over the railings to an outdoor area that is accessed from the lower floor of the building, many more of these benches are placed, and some are found on the balconies of the upper levels.

6The perimeter of the buildings third floor is lined with fifty nine custom made Rectangular Planters in our “Soot” shade. One also sees the stunning views across from the Annex building, to the landscaped external areas of the Alice Lane Towers, where our Sugabowl Pots and Ulterior Table Benches have been beautifully settled amongst these outdoor areas since 2010.

Not only are the two 15 Alice Lane buildings marvels on their own, but they also compliment each other perfectly, and the Igneous Concrete products, specified by Insite Landscape Architects, tie in together throughout each development.


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