Shipping Container Swimming Pools in Outdoor Design?

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Kustom Container Builders is introducing Shipping Container Pools and love nothing better than building and supplying quality.

Above Ground Container Swimming Pools

​Deciding on an above ground container pool is the best decision you can make, as it will save a whole lot of time (and money!) because your new above ground container pool will be delivered as a complete product, with little more to do than filling it up with water and connecting the pump to the mains. No having to suffer through weeks or months where your backyard looks like a construction site! Just pick a spot for the container pool and voila, the job is done!

​Our swimming pools are used year around as they are heated with radiant heat with its primary source of heat coming from a wood furnace. There is no natural gas or hyrdo needed for our pools.

​Winnipegs Premiere Container Pool Supplier

​Our container pools are made entirely of quality corten steel and their robust assembly creates a much stronger and durable structure than the typical above ground pools (which often have a much shorter ‘shelf life’).

​Intelligent Pool Design for Safety and Convenience​

Our container pools have a beautiful deck with both stairs and a child safety door. The robust filtration system is housed underneath the deck and is easily accessible through the original shipping container door (which is lockable).

​Fiberglass Above Ground Pool – Add That Touch of Class

​The fiberglass pool within the container has a wonderful ergonomic design with wide steps and comfy benches, and boasts a nifty child safety ledge around the perimeter which starts from the deck and runs the full length of the shipping container. So both you and the little ones can safely enjoy a swim on a hot summer’s day

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