Lasher’s EcoBarrow

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“Committing to quality makes choosing local manufacturing a no-brainer”, said Ian Kendall, MD of Lasher Tools, the largest manufacturer of hand tools in Africa.


Despite being presented with numerous opportunities for foreign investment and even more opportunities for foreign manufacturing, Lasher Tools has remained true to its South African roots. While many companies have moved their manufacturing facilities out of South Africa over the years, Lasher Tools did not. Although it has not been without its challenges, they are determined to uplift the local economy and to build a lasting legacy. Local manufacturing also allows for much stricter control over quality.
Manufacturing more than 1,200 stock tools and employing more than 600 people country-wide, they are continually growing both their manufacturing capability and their skilled workforce. The company’s manufacturing facilities are equipped to supply the South African market, as well as produce for export to more than 40 countries including the rest of Africa, Europe, America, New Zealand, Australia and the Indian Ocean Islands.
Innovation keeps Lasher ahead of its competitors. Although some of the innovations are not apparent by just looking at the products, they are experienced and appreciated when the product is being used. One of their newest innovations is a worldwide patented 100% recyclable wheelbarrow aptly named the EcoBarrow. It is the first of its kind and is fully corrosion, rust and impact resistant. Lasher Tools places great importance on the preservation of the environment, with a focus on low environmental impact manufacturing.

“In essence, understanding what our customers value is key. Customers value quality, reliability, value for money and innovation. This means that keeping manufacturing local is essential. We are proud to have made this decision, even in challenging economic times for most manufacturers, and we believe that this commitment will continue to work in our customers’ and our favour”, explained Ian Kendall, MD of Lasher Tools.

About Lasher
Founded in 1928, Lasher Tools is the leading supplier of quality guaranteed hand tools for the DIY, gardening, agriculture, construction, industrial and mining industries in South Africa. They are immensely proud of being the only local manufacturer of hand tools in the country. In 2016, Lasher Tools was awarded for loyalty, commitment and compliance to the SABS Quality Management System Certification Scheme.
The name of the company has its history in mining. The task of removing rock and rubble with shovels was known as lashing and the Scottish miners who came to South Africa at the turn of the last century were known as “lashers”.

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