UCT MLA exhibit and Jo Gibbons lecture

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Wednesday 6 December 2017 saw approximately 50 landscape architectural students and professionals gather for the MLA exhibit and presentation by Jo Gibbons of J&L Gibbons.

Johanna first spoke about her approach to landscape:
1. Trees as part of landscape resilience, especially for mitigating climate change. Johanna belongs to a Trees and Design-Action pressure group that focuses on prioritising trees in urban cities.
2. Valuing soils: Britain is losing 1-3cm of topsoil per annum. The Sustainable Soils Alliance advocated, for the first time, a debate on soils in parliament.
3. Linking communities through ecological networks.
Johanna presented 3 projects including Canal Park and Making space in Dalston and showed how J&L Gibbons’ underlying approach played out in all three projects. Johanna also spoke about Urban Mind – an app that records real-time experiences of people in order to research how urban life affects mental well-being. If you are interested in participating, the app is being relaunched in 2018. Lastly Johanna spoke about Landscape Learn – an open knowledge-sharing platform of which she directs with Neil Davidson.
For more photos of the UCT MLA exhibit, visit the ILASA Facebook page.


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