Greenroof Project Watch: Casa Vallarta

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Another spectacular example of living architecture is the Casa Vallarta.  Driven by home’s extraordinary context on the Mexican Jalisco coast, the architects have connected the home owners with a gorgeous Pacific Ocean panorama surrounding the property.

Mini Description & Details
Located on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas, Casa Vallarta is a beautiful masterpiece of modern design with a lush ecological aesthetic embracing a wide array of living architecture. Conceived as a vacation oasis in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin designed the home with spectacular ocean views.
The use of natural stone and concrete walls create fresh spaces that dually provide passive cooling during hot seasons. Designed by Cynthia Villalba (formerly of Zona Verde MX), a striking greenroof and multiple luxuriant greenwalls are oriented to the northeast and seamlessly integrate the house with the landscape.

Being right next to the ocean, the most logical design intention was to give the greenroof and walls some kind of movement. This led to curves speaking about the landscape tracing, and tall grasses speaking about the plant selection due to their graceful swaying in the wind. The designers also wanted to guarantee a unique experience when standing on the roof and used plants that provide different visual textures and heights.
The Zona Verde MX team planted more than 19,000 plants, including grasses, agaves, and perennials over the roof, and various short grasses and ferns in the greenwalls. The desire was for the effect to be not just green, but quite colorful, yet harmonic.


Both stormwater and irrigated water are captured and guided to a storage stormwater tank, then filtered through a sand system and returned to the irrigation system. Almost 15,000 square feet of a 100% PET recycled geotextile were used in the various areas, which translates to more than 33,500 recycled bottles of PET being used in the whole system.
And, both the greenwalls and greenroof have developed micro-habitats for local species like bees, spiders and dragonflies. Simply stated, Casa Vallarta is a stunning residence of ecological design on an exquisite setting.


Year: 2012
Owner: Grupo Xtra Inmuebles
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Type: Intensive
System: Single Source Provider
Greenroof Size: 7653 sq.ft. and Greenwall Size: 3090 sq.ft.
Slope: 1% and 100%
Access: Accessible, Private

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Greenroof Designer: Cynthia Villalba, Zona Verde MX S.A. de C.V.
Design Architect: Arch. Alejandra Diaz de Leon, EZEQUIEL FARCA®
Architectural Project: Arch. Ezequiel Farca, EZEQUIEL FARCA
Contractor: Arch. Pablo Gutierrez, Grupo SYASA
100% Recycled PET Geotextile Manufacturer: Tecnologia de Reciclaje
Architecture and Interior Design: Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin

All the Info:
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By Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, LEED AP, GRP Publisher & Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summits Host


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