Husqvarna Broadens Premium Garden Product Offering And Expands into the High-Pressure Washer Category

by | May 24, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Husqvarna — one of the world’s leading producers of garden products, enters into the High-Pressure Washer segment with a new electric corded range catered to cleaning outdoor spaces of all sizes. The new Husqvarna High-Pressure Washers are perfect for users who don’t just want the best-looking lawn or hedge — but the best-looking garden overall.

High-pressure washers are a great product to efficiently clean outdoor spaces like verandahs and decks, as well as garden furniture, exterior walls — and even vehicles. Husqvarna’s new range of high-pressure washers run on electricity, for a cleaner working environment with no direct emissions.

Use up to 80% less water compared to typical garden hoses

By putting water under extreme pressure, high-pressure washers can more effectively blast dirt and mud away compared to a regular garden hose using the same amount of water — translating into up to 80% less water used than typical garden hoses.

The cleaning performance of a high-pressure washer is determined by how water pressure and water volume are used in combination. Husqvarna’s new high-pressure washer range has been built to optimise water usage, using only the amount of water needed for the task at hand. This means users can keep patios and garden furniture clean with less water, as opposed to using a regular garden hose.

Long hose and Quick Connect make cleaning a breeze

All Husqvarna high-pressure washers come equipped with a long hose for better reach — up to 15 metres — making it easier to clean around the garden. To ensure the longer hose is tangle-free, a swivel coupling has also been included so connections swivel around the product arm instead.

Designed around user needs, the pressure washers come with Quick Connect, which means users simply ‘snap’ different attachments or cleaning accessories in place. Husqvarna offers a full range of accessories, to help users clean areas or vehicles more effectively.

Strong and Durable

The exterior of the high-pressure washers is made from water-resistant and UV-protected plastic to better withstand different weather conditions when stored outdoors. A metal pump comes standard with all pressure washers in the range, for increased product lifetime.

Durable wheels on the pressure washer let users easily move their product around the working area. Being large in diameter also means it is easy to roll over uneven surfaces around the garden.

All high-pressure washers in the range come with two types of nozzles: a flat jet nozzle that lets users switch between high or low pressure using the same nozzle, as well as a rotary nozzle that gets rid of persistent dirt effectively.

Complete garden offering

Husqvarna already offers a variety of gardening and landscaping products, from robotic mowers, to hedge trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, as well as other battery powered outdoor products. By expanding into high-pressure washers, Husqvarna will now provide a complete portfolio for garden maintenance, giving users the best looking garden in the neighbourhood. With four tiers in the local line-up, Husqvarna’s high-pressure washing solutions cater to a variety of garden sizes and uses.

The Husqvarna PW 125 is the lightest and most portable in the entire range, weighing only 7.1kg. It is the perfect tool to occasionally clean small patios, fences and garden furniture.

The Husqvarna PW 235 is a great all-round pressure washer for cleaning bicycles, mid-sized patios, motorcycles and small vehicles.

The Husqvarna PW 345C and PW 360 are the perfect partners for all cleaning tasks around the home, including cars, patios and exterior stone walls. Standard on the 300-series are an aluminium telescopic handle and onboard cord storage with quick release.

The Husqvarna PW 450 has the highest cleaning performance in the range, with a maximum pressure of 150 bars and 640 litres per hour of water flow. This makes it the best option for cleaning large vehicles or mobile homes, as well as large terraces and a variety of home facades. All 400-series models have been enhanced with a flexible, steel-reinforced high-pressure hose for a better product lifetime and easy handling.

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