Cellfast Water Timers

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Water timers are the brains of any home watering or irrigation system, and Cellfast has two very effective water timers in its extensive, multi-award winning range.

The Cellfast manual water timer is ideal for anyone wanting to be waterwise in our water-scarce country. The timer will simply switch off the system once the prescribed time has expired – up to 120 minutes. It is made from durable, high quality plastics.

The Cellfast digital water timer, on the other hand, allows watering systems to work completely independently, bringing irrigation systems online and switching them off without daily attention – good for people who want the garden watered without their constant ministrations, and for watering during the warmer part of the day in winter and the cooler mornings and evenings in summer.

Features include:
· a highly legible display.
· the possibility of setting two individual cycles of watering per day.
· duration of watering intervals from one minute up to 99 minutes.
· the possibility of week-long watering programming with individual settings for particular days of the week.
· allowance for both automatic and manual working time set up.
· a low battery level alert.
Both timers can connect to all other components in the Cellfast watering system. They are also compatible with other brands on the market.

Simplicity of stocking only two products, but still giving the consumers choice around functionality is a key benefit for the reseller. The products are exceptionally well priced compared to the market alternatives and therefore gives you, the reseller, good margin opportunity.

The Cellfast range is distributed exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa by WHD, a division of WHS. WHS is a member of the Dawn Limited Group and stocks a vast range of hardware and plumbing products, all at competitive prices, with frequent deliveries to anywhere in South Africa, as well as selected locations within Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia.

Contact your WHD sales representative today and get a Cellfast display into your store ahead of season!

Visit cellfast.co.za for more information. Trade enquiries to whd.co.zaCONTACT:
Lauren Anceriz or Glynnis Branthwaite
+27 11 882 9272 | 072 756 8463 | 082 557 3919
lauren@protactic.co.za | glynnis@protactic.co.za


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