South Africa’s Garden Day- Sunday 21 October 2018

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We are celebrating South Africa’s Garden Day on Sunday 21 October 2018.

Most of the year we plant, water, weed and mulch – work, in other words. Garden Day, however, is the time to reap the rewards of your labour. In other words, toss down that spade, invite family and friends around, kick back and appreciate the varied reasons why making a garden is so worthwhile!

Celebrate your garden! How?

Get Inspired
In the lead up to Garden Day visit your local Garden Centre or nursery and get inspired! Visit the Life is a Garden website to locate your nearest Garden Centre or nursery.
Once you’ve prepared your garden, invite your family, friends, and neighbours to come around and celebrate your garden with you by spending time in it together.
Ways To Celebrate
There are lots of different ways to celebrate your garden together…
Invite neighbours and friends round for rooibos tea and beskuit.
Instead of book club, have a plant club. Ask guests to bring a rare and interesting plant to swap with one of the other guests.
Have a garden scavenger hunt.
Enjoy dinner outside in the garden with each dish featuring a home-grown ingredient.
Make seed bombs with the kids.

Get connected
Download the Candide app for free. This app is transforming the way we interact and engage with gardens: if you have a gardening question, tap up Candide’s knowledge base to help your garden grow with localised tips and plant identification. Discover the latest trends and explore inspirational gardens, share with a vibrant community, grow new friendships and cultivate well-being for your mind and soul.
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This is a fabulous initiative and one we are eager to support! Let’s get involved green industry!

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