Artificial grass is DIY friendly with EasiDuo

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Easigrass, is entering the DIY market with EasiDuo. 

According to Herve Truniger, National Account Manager, Easigrass South-Africa, Easigrass has applied lessons learnt through developing its award winning professionally fitted products to EasiDuo, making Easigrass the only company to offer both a professionally installed and DIY option in South Africa. 

“Now the average handyman can also look forward to no mud, no mess and no more mowing! We can vouch for the fact that Easigrass is a great and affordable way to update outdoor spaces, patios and even balconies. It would be great to be able to build your kids (or is that Dad?) a putting green, cricket pitch or play area during the holidays or even spruce up your braai or entertainment area,” says Truniger. 

The beauty of EasiDuo is that, like its counterparts, it has been carefully engineered to look less like a green carpet and more like the real thing with bits of brown included in the green thatch to make it more realistic. 

It is also a proudly South African product that will be manufactured at Van Dyck Floors’ Durban factory. 

Although so new that it may not yet be available via all garden centres and hardware stores, Truniger says that EasiDuo will be sold by the linear metre.  Those wishing to purchase EasiDuo can log on to, email or call 087 350 129 to locate an Easigrass partner or order. 

Because putting down an artificial lawn is not something the average home handyman or DIY enthusiast does every day, Truniger offers a few tips to those contemplating upgrading their outdoor spaces with Easigrass:

Measuring: ·       EasiDuo is perfect for smaller spaces. If you are wanting to create an Easigrass lawn that is over 20m², it might be more cost effective to have it professionally installed. Contact one of our agents for advice and a quote. ·       Even if the area you wish to cover is not square, measure the longest and widest points and then round them up to the nearest metre. Multiply the width by the length to give you your square meter-age. 

·       For areas that are not square or rectangular, you can do a drawing of the area and work out how to fit the widths into your area in the best possible way. DIY rolls come in widths of 2m and you can join them together with Easiglue and EasiTape. 


·       Make sure that you cut and place your Easigrass with blades running in the same direction. If you join pieces with blades running in different directions, they will appear to be of different colours. 

·       Creating a good, level base for your EasiDuo is important. Remove 5 to 6cm of grass and soil and then compact the area. Use a spirit level to ensure that it is level.

·       Alternatively, if you need to attach EasiDuo to paving or a cement or concrete floor or surface, make sure that it is clean and dry before applying a double epoxy glue.

·       For garden areas, apply a weed barrier and insect repellant followed by a crusher base, if needed. Make sure the surface is level and compacted before laying the grass.


·       Brush regularly using a hard bristle brush to revitalise your EasiDuo and keep it free from dust and debris.

·       All Easigrass products are 100% pet friendly. Use a stiff yard brush to remove any pet hair which builds on the area.  Avoid pet mess wherever possible and, after removing any solid waste, treat the area with our specialist Easi-Pong product to remove any smells and bacteria if there’s an accident. 

·       We recommend that you regularly move any garden furniture, portable trampolines and other equipment to avoid crushing your artificial lawn and creating pressure marks.  

·       Don’t use a vacuum cleaner as this may remove sand infill. The use of a power washer and/or power hose is also not recommended.

·       Do not place your braai directly on your EasiDuo as this could damage it. 

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