New uMhlanga outdoor gym a hit with residents

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Neil Erasmus, landscape manager for the Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre Management Association shows off the newest gym apparatus for the newly built outdoor gym which is open to the public.

THE newest outdoor gym in uMhlanga has proved to be a hit for residents and visitors to the area.

The Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre Management Association who was behind the gym installation said the aim was to boost visitors from various hotels in the area and residents in the area to make use of green spaces in the precinct. 

The gym which is located in a park just behind the Umhlanga Fire Station building accommodates 12 apparatus. 

Justin Newcombe-Bond of the management association, said the reaction from those using the gym has been fantastic. 

“The project has received positive feedback which is great. The Umhlanga Ridge Town Centre Management Association feel this will further boost tourism in the town centre area. The area is completely safe and we will have 24 hour security personnel in the area,” he said.

The gym area will also be maintained by the management association’s staff.

“At the moment in the park we have raised steps for runners and walkers in the area and we felt the gym would add a new dimension for those looking to keep active and fit,” he said.

Neil Erasmus, landscape manager, for the association said most of the apparatus have instructions on how to use them.

“They include instructions on how many reps should be performed for beginners, intermediate and elite athletes. Some of the apparatus also have QR codes which can be scanned which takes you to a website showing how to use the equipment which is great,” Erasmus said.



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