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It is safe to say that that if we could, many of us would paint over 2020, never for it to be seen again. This sentiment seems to be shared with the release of the new paint colour trends for 2021.
Experts say that bold and fresh colours will be used to redefine both interior and exterior spaces, while others feel colours that capture the feelings of zen and relaxation may be what some consumers will levitate to, as we all strive for a fresh start.

With Summer around the corner, we share an overview of what to expect in terms of the colour trends for 2021.

Colour helps create versatility
Overall it seems that one of the main trends will be the use of shades that bring the outdoors in—think: timeless off-white tones, soft blues that evoke a feeling of relaxation, and warmer pastels tones that energise a space.

Consumers want to feel these emotions in their interior spaces, as many of them now spend more time at home

, the need for multifunction spaces will continue to increase and this new lifestyle shift will no doubt influence colour choices. Versatile colours that work with flexibles spaces and that evoke emotional responses will be at the forefront.

Green and White
The use of lush and vibrant shades of green paired with crisp white create a revitalised, clean look and will increase in popularity as the colour options for greens are endless. By playing with different shades, you will get that sense of nature.
White has a positive effect on human perception and makes the room feel lighter, cleaner and will visually make it look larger. Adding white accents or just toning your colour choice with white provides instant freshness.

True Blue and Teal
Here the trends are towards truer blues and greens that are crisp, bold and even incorporate nautical shades. An electric shade of blue called AI Aqua will come to the fore in fashion, tech and interiors in 2021 according to trend forecasting service WGSN.

The trend forecaster believes that colour trends have a trickle-down effect and that the current political climate and images seen on the internet and phones can influence the colours that society is drawn towards. The tone of Aqua AI is a lot more digestible for most people. The colour is described by the brand as a “positive” hue, that is “both sporty and trend-forward”.

Coral—Not Pink
Happy, upbeat colours signifying our need for some energy, as we have been spending so much time indoors. A nod to more adventurous, vibrant colours like Coral and warm hues of orange signal joy and sensory exploration as the focus is to build sustainable sanctuaries and breathe new life into spaces.

Updated Pastels
It would not be the warm-weather season without refreshing pastel shades. Light lilacs and blues will be big, with the powder purple hue, being a sophisticated update from millennial pink. It seems pale blue is timeless and will remain a popular choice especially hotels and beach abodes.

Transitional Colours
A rise in warm, juicy mulberry tones have also been predicted with colours such as wine-stained red and berry tones making a return. Brighter colours such as Jaipur Pink have also been noted as colours signifying our transition to better, warmer and more positive times.

These are some of the main trends and predictions for 2021, how it is used depends only on the emotion, mood or style one wants to create, but overall the trend is towards celebrating the lighter, brighter and more playful side of life.

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