Square one wins big at the IFLA AAPME 2020 Awards

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The APPE would like to thank all those that submitted their work for the IFLA AAPME 2020 Awards: Global Call For Resilience. In its second iteration, our awards received a total of 280 submissions and a total of 143 entries have been recognised with an award. 

In this category, we recognise 27 Awards of Excellence for projects that have successfully promoted climate change adaptation, responsible practices, and the pursuit of joint efforts to address issues of resilience building. 

Under the Social and Community health Category SA’s very own Square One Landscape Architects won an award of excellence for Botha’s Halte Primary school and are to be commended for this fantastic achievement.

Botha’s Halte Primary

See full list of winning projects below

Analysis & Masterplanning 

  1. Back to Health: Wuhan Blue-Green Infrastructure Network Planning Along the Yangtze River

    image 104
  2. Dragon Skin River – The Ecological Spine of Xi’An

    image 105

    image 106
  4. Pasir Ris & Tampines Wafer Fab Landscape Masterplan

    image 107
  5. Punggol Northshore District Landscape Masterplan – a biophilic district designed for greater environmental health & human well-being

    image 108
  6. Thammasat Secondary School

    image 109
  7. The 50 Plan – Revival Of 50 Abandoned Spaces in Guangzhou 

    image 110

Culture & Traditions

  1. A cultural landscape renovation of Junzhuang Village in Beijing

    image 111
  2. Changqi Stadium Bamboo Corridor

    image 112
  3. Hanging Garden:  Suture Trauma|Rebuild Daily Life

    image 113
  4. New Life for Sinying Railway Green Corridor Design

    image 114
  5. The Noble Garden, Nanjing, China

    image 115
  6. Xinxing Zen Cultural Tourism Town – Yunfu, Guangdong, China

    image 116

Economic Viability

  1. A Walkable River, a Livable Village –  River Landscape Design of Xihe Village

    image 117
  2. Renewal of Micro Green Space

    image 118
  3. Xuhui Runway Park, Shanghai, China

    image 119

Flood and Water Management

  1. Green Wetland Paradise on the Giant Rooftop of the Gray Infrastructure – The Wetland Park in Beijing Huaifang Water Reclamation Plant

    image 120
  2. Systematic Thinking – Beijing Future Science City Riverside Park Design

    image 121
  3. The Return of Baiyin River

    image 143
  4. Zi Lang Park, Nantong, P. R. China

    image 144

Food Security and Production Systems

  1. Networking the landscape of food in Yilan County, Taiwan

    image 145

Heat Islands and Fire Resistance

  1. Landscape Design for the First Phase of Long-Lake Ecological Park

    image 146

Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes

  1. Nature-based Solutions in response to Extreme Storms: The Landscape Belt of Xianglu Bay Beach,Zhuhai,Guangdong,China

    image 147

Social and Community Health

  1. Breede Valley School – Learning Through Play

    image 148
  2. Micro Garden Series 2015-2019: A Sustainable Regeneration for SHIJIA Hutong in Beijing Old City, China

    image 149

Wildlife, Biodiversity, Habitat Enhancement or Creation

  1. Building Habitats to Boost Urban Biodiversity: An Enhanced Effort of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing

    image 150
  2. Strategic Planning of the Taipei City Park and Green Space System – Case Study of the Restoration of Yongchunpi Wetland Park

    image 151


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