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Established in 1985 and owned and managed by Clinix Health Group, Dr SK Matseke Memorial Hospital was named after the renowned teacher, administrator, writer and scholar, Dr Solomon Kgokgophana Matseke. It was our country’s first black-owned private hospital, providing expert healthcare and medical treatment across an extensive range of services to its patients.

Located in Soweto and easily accessible via bus and taxi routes, Dr SK Matseke Memorial Hospital is currently undergoing a R230-million upgrade and expansion. Upon completion, it will be a new state-of-the-art, 275-bed hospital with seven new state-of-the-art operating theatres, including Hybrid Cath labs, a 20-bed intensive care (ICU) facility, a 14-bed neonatal ICU, a seven-bed paediatrics ICU and an eleven-bed maternity ward.

Specialised theatre installation
Currently in its second phase, the upgrade of the new state-of-the-art theatre block is a first of its kind in Africa, where a highly specialised German-designed walling and modular theatre system, called Maquet, from the Getinge Group, a well-known name in the medical equipment space, which will be used in each of the seven new theatres. The new block will also include the first hybrid catheterization laboratory to be installed in a township.

Each of the modular theatre systems has been custom built for the hospital and features colourful decals and hygienic clinic wall panels. It is giving the hospital the necessary flexibility to add panels as well as being able to manage the system around equipment changes, future upgrades and expansions, thanks to the seamless puzzle-like mechanism of the modular system.

Stainless steel walling and ceiling system
The Maquet walling system used throughout the clinic is similar to drywalling in its application, but is far more superior. Each of the panels is manufactured using a powder-coated, stainless steel structure with firm silicon joints, delivering seamless integration.

Given its stainless steel nature, the walling system is completely sterile, with no additional treatment needed to maintain or enhance the highly sterile environment needed in a clinic.

Another unique feature is that the centre of each panel features a horizontally laid coloured strip, which adds to the overall aesthetics and cleverly hides a service panel that houses the gas, electrical and data lines. These service panels are easily interchangeable and additional service points can be added at any time.

Using the same system for the ceiling, panels are erected in a grid-like fashion, once again allowing easy access to services housed within the ceiling panels.

Quick and effortless construction
To ensure the sterile nature, the entire clinic system’s construction happened in a “white box”, which was created by the contractors in line with the German and Hungarian installation team’s specifications. Using the seamless interlocking mechanisms, construction of the specialised modular system is seamless. Once the specialist services are connected, flooring is added and the system is ready for use.

One of the new state-of-the-art theatres showcases the aesthetics of the modular walling systems, where panels can also feature wall art to brighten the space.

Future flexibility
In addition to the ease of installation and state-of-the-art equipment, the new theatres will offer the surgeons various options to ensure comfort and unique layout options for use in specialised cases – thanks to interchangeable tabletops, light pendants and service panels.

Even more impressive is the fact that the new facility is fully digital, integrating patient data, reporting as well as patient tracking or monitoring, thanks to digital censors or doors and taps. In the theatres, doctors can also set up and store their preferred light settings, which are programmed according to every doctor’s personal identification.

Commenting on the new facilities, HOD: Infrastructure for the Clinix Health Group, Chad Brandon Paul, says: “The future of the healthcare space is one that will become more modular and more flexible in nature. Covid-19 has taught us that we need to invest in spaces and systems that allow us the flexibility to change and adapt to situations within the healthcare space.”

Paul noted that South Africa has the local expertise to replicate similar systems locally, but that the specialised and stringent European installation practices will require significant and intensive training before a local team will be permitted to perform the installations.

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