Balfour Precinct to Receive Transit Uplift

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It’s all systems go for the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) as it commences with the Balfour Park Transit Precinct Development. Centred on the City of Johannesburg’s spatial vision for the city, the Balfour Park Transit Precinct Development is in line with the Growth and Development Strategy 2040, and is based on the corridor Transit-oriented Development (TOD).

Not only will the development facilitate a visibly improved public environment and developnon-motorised transport facilities to create an integral precinct, it will go a long way instimulating investor and public confidence in the precinct.The overall objectives for the Balfour Park Precinct project are to: Integrate transportation and land use by concentrating development along transportcorridors and destinations; Turn Corlett Drive, Athol Street and 22nd Avenue into commercial strips. Improve connections between different destinations within the corridor;

  Support growth of economic and industrial nodes to increase employmentopportunities in the areas; Promote the efficient movement of people through the development of environmentsthat encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport; Development of non-motorised transport facilities and networks; Develop safe, comfortable and inviting public areas that integrate the unique history,culture and character of the corridor; Promote densification and mixture of land uses along the arteriesThe Balfour Park Precinct is located along the Louis Botha Development Corridor, andincludes the area between Corlett Drive and Athol Street, with a width including two andfive city blocks, each side of Louis Botha Avenue.The precinct falls mainly within Ward 74 and comprises portions of the suburbs of HighlandsNorth (and extensions), Waverley (and extensions), Gresswold, Savoy Estate, Kew andGlenhazel.The Broad Scope of Works is defined, but not limited to the following: Development of public environment upgrade and non-motorised transport facilities; Development of mechanisms for improved traffic flow; Conceptual development and feasibility study of a cohesive, legible and connectedSocial Cluster Upgrading of existing services.

  The City has identified a kick start zone to give effect to the implementation of this plan.This is located in the south-eastern corner of the project area and, on Athol Streets, startingfrom St Marys High School and ending at the North View High School.The kick start zone will comprise of the following project work packages: Student promenade (upgrading of sidewalks and landscaping and lighting along Athol street) Construction of a safe park/library Construction of Peoples Corner and BRT interlink – (currently on hold)Of these packages, the first to be rolled out will be the student promenade, which isestimated to go out for procurement of a contractor in March.“The Balfour Park Precinct transformation, in line with the JDA’s objective to regeneratedecaying areas of Johannesburg, in intended to enhance its ability to contribute to theeconomic development of the City and the quality of life of its residents.“This project integrates spatial planning and design, economic planning and transportplanning in the precinct and will go a long way in benefiting the residents of Ward 74,” MMCfor Development Planning, Cllr Thapelo Amad, saidThe precinct transformation is guided by the completed Strategic Area Framework for theLouis Botha Development Corridor and the Balfour Park Precinct Plan and Urban DesignFramework.

The Balfour Park Precinct Development will supplement the various developments that have been taking place in the Louis Botha Corridor, including Orchards Clinic, the Rea Vaya Phase 1C rollout and the recently completed Paterson Park Multipurpose Centre.

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