The Esybox Max: Not just a pump

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

DAB has always designed solutions for the pressurization of water, always evolving and innovating to meet the needs of end-users, installers,  engineers and designers have led to the arrival of the new ESYBOX MAX. Designed with the idea of revolutionising the way we create pumping sets, E.SYBOX MAX is an efficient “all in one” solution that is highly advanced and versatile, yet user friendly.


The Esybox MAX has been designed to allow for On-site assembly (OSA). Similar to the E.sybox line, DAB has created different docking stations for the pumps to be used. Depending on the duty points required, the option is available to connect up to four E.sybox Max pumps thanks to the single, double and triple docking station options available. This revolutionary concept will allow for a clean and compact installation and reduce the space allocated for the pump room on site. With the integrated VSD and Bluetooth connection, the configuration of a duty/duty or duty/standby operation can easily be achieved.

The Esybox MAX


Cost-saving and adding value is always a key component for DAB in the design of our products.

With the use of modular design and OSA, the reduction of cost for transportation to sites has been reduced. The modular design eliminates the need for large transportation equipment to get the pump set to sites and there is no need for excessive labour to move the pump set.

In addition to the integrated VSD drive, the use of a permanent magnet drive motor will increase energy saving even more than the cost-saving of standard motors with VSD drives alone.


Wouldn’t it be easier to communicate with your pumps from anywhere? Now you can. Thanks to DConnect, DAB’s cloud service, you will be able to monitor and control your installations. Receiving alarms and notifications on possible malfunctions and keeping the main operating data such as energy

and water consumption under control, all from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.

In addition to the monitoring of the pump, the DConnect service allows you to download graphs and historical data of the pumps. Up to three years of data history can be saved for each pump, depending on your needs. Specific notification alarms can be programmed by the installer for example, the service interval can be set up for pump running/working hours. Once the parameters are reached the installer will receive an email notification from DConnect to inform him that the pump set are due for a service.  On-site problems can now be resolved remotely reducing the cost of unnecessary callouts to the installer.

The Esybox Max is a new vision for the pressurization of water. In its journey from design to installation, the Esybox Max solves the needs of different users in the best possible way; everyone is a winner with the easy-to-use technology of the Esybox Max.


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